How do I help my wife prepare for our new baby?

Preparing for a new baby can be both exciting and overwhelming. CareNectar expert Mirella Alexis offers tips on how to support your wife or partner when welcoming a new baby.

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My wife and I are two months away from having our first baby. At this point, we are both overwhelmed, and I’m sensing that it’s really affecting my wife. I want to do what I can to support her during this time, especially since I’m sure there’s so much we don’t yet know about preparing for a newborn. Do you have any suggestions for how I might help her?


Great question! Feeling excited, nervous, and overwhelmed at this stage is a completely common feeling for both of you! The fact that you are able to see what she is going through and are asking questions to better support her shows that you are doing something right! So, kudos to you!

I’m sure your wife is feeling a multitude of things, just as you are. Make sure to voice this so you two can bond on the same level before the baby gets here and after. Undoubtedly, your wife feels discomfort due to the baby growing, kicking, moving, and changing positions in time for labor. You can give your wife a foot, hand, or neck massage to alleviate some of that discomfort.

Often with the discomfort comes exhaustion. Because the baby is taking up so much energy, your wife may feel more tired and fatigued. Offer her plenty of time to truly rest and relax, and offer her opportunities to take more breaks in between doing things to ensure the health of her and the baby. Just being there for your wife to lean on will mean a lot. Giving her reassurances and positivity will go a long way. Be understanding when she has a mood swing or a late-night craving, or simply wants alone time. She may not say everything she feels because she doesn’t want to burden you, so check in with her and ask her questions here and there. Simply show physical and emotional support to her when needed. It sounds like you’re already doing that, so continue being there for her.

Another thing to consider is the logistics that preparing for a baby requires. This includes setting up a nursery, coordinating a baby shower, getting all the essentials that are needed, finding a pediatrician you trust, and researching birthing classes. It’s a lot to add to your to-do list, and I’m certain this is a big part of what is so overwhelming. Taking steps to cross some of these items off the list would be a tremendous help.

Also, make sure you are checking in with yourself too. Maybe the two of you can share in an afternoon of self-care. A calming afternoon reading a favorite book or watching a favorite TV show will be good for you, mom, and baby. Please let us know if you have other questions in your parenting journey. The CareNectar team is here for you!

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