Our Mission

To empower parents and caregivers with personalized support and simplified solutions so they and the children they care for can reach their full potential.


Our children deserve better.

And as a parent or caregiver, you deserve better, too.

  • Better personalized emotional support as rates of depression and anxiety rise among kids and their grown-ups, encouraging positive communication and building the foundation for emotionally healthy lives for children and their families
  • Better access to simplified solutions that can help grown-ups be happier, healthier, and more knowledgeable caregivers (helping grow happier, healthier, better-adjusted kids)
  • Better commitment to closing the educational opportunity gaps carved into the system over generations (and dramatically widened by the pandemic), creating a more equitable future for all children and their families

Today, we’re all struggling to juggle the never-ending changes thrown our way—virtual learning, disruptions in childcare, remote work, job loss, ever-changing guidelines, isolation ...

And as the pandemic subsides and we begin to build our next “normal,” new challenges will arise—with new needs for support.

We want to help discover the solutions to those challenges and help build those new support structures.

Parents and caregivers deserve personalized support and simplified solutions.

Through the CareNectar community, we’re pollinating a healthy, inclusive, and equitable new world for our kids. Here’s how we’re doing that.

  • We’re developing an accessible library of quality articles with practical, easy-to-implement solutions from experts in childcare, parenting, and child development so you can feel confident, calm, and empowered to enjoy quality interactions with your kids
  • We’re providing on-demand access to experts through our ask-an-expert program, so you can have personalized guidance when you need it and feel at peace knowing those answers come from a trusted, experienced professional
  • We’re curating a free directory of recommended resources accessible to all families, no matter what their economic status, so every parent and caregiver can learn and grow
  • We’re building financially accessible subscription plans—and we’re inviting members to help close the opportunity gap by sponsoring an underprivileged family’s membership for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee
  • We’re partnering with nonprofits to provide resources to underserved communities
  • We’re preventing information overload by bringing you reliable, verified resources—no more digging through pages of Google to find the information you need (and then second-guessing its accuracy!)
  • We’re opening a safe and productive space for you to anonymously ask your most sensitive questions ... avoiding the debates, embarrassment, and potential bad advice of parenting groups and ensuring that you get the expert opinions and reliable information you need

We help parents, caregivers, and the children they care for bloom, thrive, and live happy, healthy lives.

Easy access to caregiving resources makes for better-equipped, more informed, and emotionally healthy parents. And those parents are able to raise happier, healthier kids in the long term.

But while we often focus on the future and the amazing growth that’s in store for CareNectar families, we also know that kids and their families benefit immediately from our resources, too.

Because our resource library is filled with action-based, easy-to-implement guidance, spending five minutes reading one of our expert responses could make a major impact on an interaction that you have with your child today.

And you know how one “little” thing can snowball!

We’re dedicated to changing lives, starting today. Starting with those “little” daily interactions, the kinds of moments that are so day-to-day it’ll surprise you when that’s what your kids remember: how you responded when they did that “bad” thing, or how they felt when they shared that vulnerable moment with you. Or even the simple game you played with them after school one day.

The CareNectar community empowers you to shape each moment into a positive, warm, engaged interaction with your child.

Our lives are made of these small moments. And bit by bit, like nutrients in the soil of a garden, these moments determine what sorts of adults our children blossom into.

So we’re committed to helping you have the most positive daily interactions possible, making a difference for you and your child today—and in each moment that follows after.

Join the CareNectar community and help children bloom.

Parents and caregivers

No one has all the answers. And as a caregiver, you know the pressure of raising a child and learning “on the job.” You’ve felt that uneasy doubt, the uncertainty, the imposter syndrome. Am I giving my child what they need? Was that the right thing to say? You’ve wondered how you should respond to a situation, what to do next, how to best help your child through a challenge.

And you know how overwhelming it can be to search for answers. Google comes back with hundreds of hits. A podcast might give you an idea or two, or you might come away with nothing after an hour of listening. And online parenting groups aren’t always as helpful (or empathetic) as you’d like them to be.

So we’re growing a positive, productive space. We’re weeding out the immeasurable quantity of questionable answers and providing the certainty and comfort of vetted expert advice. No judgment, just information.

By offering information from experienced professionals (who have seen what works and what doesn’t), we’re saving families the stress of trial and error—and the time spent endlessly searching for answers. We’re giving all that time and energy back to parents and caregivers to spend with their children.

We’re providing resources for caregivers to ask questions, receive support, and nourish the physical, emotional, and intellectual health of the children in their lives.

Because in the end, it’s the health and happiness of our kids that matters.

Won’t you join us?

Help your child bloom

Childcare experts, educators, and related professionals

You’re passionate about improving the lives of children and families, providing them with tools for a bright future. You’re eager to share your expertise with families who are seeking answers, reaching new audiences, increasing your visibility, and helping shape the future of the next generation.

We’re building a network of experienced professionals in child development, education, positive discipline, parenting, childcare, pediatrics, and other related areas. Through our community, you’ll interact with parents and other caregivers, meet other childcare experts, and build your online presence, brand, and authority.

We’re now accepting applications to join our network of experts.

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Childcare, education, and parenting brands

Your tools are helping caregivers nurture, educate, and grow healthy children—emotionally, physically, or intellectually—and your business is led by your values, mission, and dedication to children and families.

If you’d like to share your organization with our community of families and childcare experts, let us know! Our curated list of parent resources will focus on brands that offer value and that are committed to creating a healthier world for the next generation.

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