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Who It's For

Parents and caregivers looking to incorporate more outdoor learning and play into their child’s daily life.

What's Included

Checkmark icon Article on the value and importance of outdoor play

Checkmark icon A tool to help you understand if your child is spending enough time outside

Checkmark icon Guidance on hunting for buried treasure in a sandbox

Checkmark icon Outdoor activities for creating wildflower and leaf collections and a fairy garden

Why It's Needed

Research has found that outdoor play contributes to children’s development, supporting their physical, social-emotional, and cognitive health. Time spent outdoors in unstructured playtime also provides opportunities for experimentation and appropriate risk-taking behaviors, and can also lead to reduced stress levels and increased self-esteem and confidence.

Despite the importance of outdoor play, children spend much more time inside than outside. In fact, children in the United States spend—on average—fewer than ten minutes a day engaged in unstructured play outside. This may be attributed to increased screen time—including video games and binge-watching television shows. In fact, the average child in the United States spends 5 to 8 hours a day in front of a screen.

With the Outdoor Play Kit, you will find articles and activities to promote your children’s interactions with nature and the outside world. Encouraging children to spend less time on screens and more time outside may seem like a challenge, but this kit will help you with some ideas to help make the time exciting and engaging.

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Read about the value of outdoor play for young children.

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Learn about why outdoor play is so important for children of all ages, and how you can encourage children to...

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