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Who It's For

Professional nannies who are looking to prepare themselves to secure a great new position!

What's Included

Checkmark icon Tips, tools, and templates to make the job search process as painless as possible

Checkmark icon Guidance to help you master the art of negotiation to receive higher income and better benefits

Checkmark icon A Nanny Work Agreement (contract) template to share with your employer and help you create optimal working conditions

Checkmark icon Nanny Engagement and Performance Review template to share with your employer so you can promote ongoing success and schedule raises

Checkmark icon Personalized guidance from experts at any step of the way to assist you

Why It's Needed

This toolkit can help you showcase your skills, experience, and qualities to secure the desired job, maximize your earning potential, and establish a better professional relationship from the start. The approach you take during the job search is key to ensuring you secure a position where you will be happy and thrive.

Your level of communication and organization is a huge part of whether or not you will suffer from "scope creep." Though you may not be familiar with the term, most nannies experience "scope creep" to some degree. This is when you think you are being hired to perform tasks A-D, later to learn you are expected to perform tasks A-Z.

"Scope creep" most often occurs when nannies don't ask the right questions, make assumptions or only skim the surface of discussions they need to have during the interview process. Have no fear. This kit will help you communicate your job expectations and discover a great level of satisfaction in your work that lets you focus on fun with the kids you're caring for!

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Verify your certifications are up to date.

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Learn about the top two certifications that families look for when hiring a nanny and several others that can enhance...

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