Managing Emotional Regulation in Children

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Who It's For

Conscientious parents and childcare providers who want to help their child navigate their big emotions.

What's Included

Checkmark icon Tips on managing your own emotions and leading by example

Checkmark icon A guide to mastering the art of validating feelings of children

Checkmark icon A game to play with bubbles to help children build patience and impulse control

Checkmark icon A powerful tool to help you and the kids you care for regulate emotions

Checkmark icon Personalized guidance from experts at any step of the way

Why It's Needed

Emotional regulation is crucial! Not only does it help you feel better in the short term, but strong emotional regulation skills are what tips the scale from merely surviving to thriving!

The ability to regulate emotions is a skill that even many adults have not yet mastered. But emotions shape our lives. The sooner you master the skill of emotional regulation, the better off you will be. When you demonstrate and practice emotional regulation, you can then teach it to the children you care for. This will increase long-term wellbeing, improve performance at school, enhance relationships, and lead to better overall health.

Additionally, being able to step back and look at the situation more objectively makes it much less likely that things will escalate and end with sufferable consequences. Stepping back also helps one practice problem-solving skills and promotes responding to a situation rather than reacting wildly out of control. Finally, emotional regulation can lead to improved mood, which can increase compassion and empathy for others. Let's regulate!

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Teach your kids about emotions and empower them with tools to regulate them.

Activity | 5 minutes

Download and print this powerful visual resource that helps name emotions and provides suggestions on how you can get to...

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