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The 2021 US Nanny Association Parent and Nanny Conference is fast approaching. Learn more about what the virtual conference offers before it’s too late!

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The US Nanny Association is an incredible organization dedicated to supporting nannies and families. I personally had the honor of serving on the Board of Directors as the Director of Employment for a one-year term. The experience was wonderful. I learned so much from the US Nanny Association and thoroughly enjoyed hosting local events. 

The most incredible experience I had was at the US Nanny Association’s first annual virtual nanny conference. The line-up of speakers was astounding. I highly recommend it to both nannies and parents. I couldn’t wait to learn more about what the second annual conference has in store!

Here’s what I asked Elizabeth Malson, Executive Director of the US Nanny Association about the 2021 conference:

What is the US Nanny Association?

The US Nanny Association is a 100% volunteer organization of nannies, parents, industry leaders, and business owners coming together to advance the industry. The US Nanny Association elevates the nanny profession with published national standards, industry-leading credentials, and continuing education for both parents and nannies through annual conferences and local events.

What is your upcoming virtual conference all about?

The annual Parent and Nanny Conference is about connecting with our community and providing world-class continuing education. The Conference is online and expert seminars are available to view on-demand for the entire month of September. To break down language barriers, we offer both an English and a Spanish Conference. There are over 40 expert seminars in English and more than 10 seminars in Spanish. For each seminar watched, attendees get a certificate of attendance for their professional portfolio. The Conference also has live events every Saturday. The live events host keynote speakers, have trivia games, photo contests, and door prizes. 

Is the conference only for nannies or can parents attend too?

Parents, nannies, newborn care providers, doulas, nanny agency owners, daycare workers, and many other types of childcare providers and educators join us each year for the Conference. We welcome everyone.

Who are some of the speakers at your conference this year?

The US Nanny Association’s Conference has over 70 expert speakers this year. The education tracks focus on childcare, employment, and parenting. Speakers include pediatricians, employment lawyers, early childhood faculty, child psychologists, parenting, and nanny experts.

How much does the conference cost?

The Conference is open to everyone for $169 and US Nanny Association members pay $149. Annual individual membership to the US Nanny Association is $45.

Can a parent cover the cost of the conference for their nanny?

Many parents purchase the Conference for their nannies and this is easily done online. You can purchase the registration in one name and then when the link to the Conference is sent, you can update it with the desired attendee. If you have any issues, just email [email protected] and we’ll edit the Conference registration information.

How would you suggest a nanny might approach their employer to inquire if they would be willing to cover the cost for them to attend the conference?

If you don’t have an education clause in your contract, here’s a tip on how to ask your employer. “Hey <employer name>. There is an amazing Conference for Parents and Nannies that starts in September. It’s 100% online and on-demand so I can watch up to 40 hours of expert seminars without impacting the work schedule. I think the seminars on Building Resilience in Extraordinary Times, the Power of Play, Exploring STEM Activities, and Positive Discipline Tools will provide me with tools to provide better care to <insert kids names>. Would you be able to help me with the $169 registration cost?

If you miss the live conference, can you get a recording of it?

The Conference is 100% on-demand and available for the entire month of September so you can watch the seminars whenever you want. The live events will also be recorded and shared with attendees. 

Answers by: Elizabeth Malson, Executive Director of the US Nanny Association

Dedicated to supporting childcare providers and families, Elizabeth Malson is an executive leader and Founder of the US Nanny Institute, an online professional trade school for nannies. Elizabeth also volunteers as the Executive Director of the US Nanny Association. Elizabeth is an executive business leader having a Master of Science from the University of Southern California and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

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The conference is available in September 2021 only. You don’t want to miss out!

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Emily has held positions as a care provider for over two decades. She’s managed care as a nanny, home health aide, and as a RN after earning her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. When she became a working mother, she was astonished by the insufficient systems in place to support and guide families. She strongly believes that our children and those who care for them deserve better support and solutions. Called to do something to help; she founded a childcare networking platform, Via The Village, served on the Board of Directors for the US Nanny Association, and helped start CareNectar!