Reverse Emotion Charades for Children

Kids will have the opportunity to practice identifying the body movements and facial expressions that correspond with different emotions in this fun game that will have them laughing and interacting in a group.

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Who It's For

Children ages 6 to 12

Why It Empowers

Reverse Emotion Charades is a more advanced version of Emotion Charades. Once children have a basic understanding of emotions and can identify them in others, this activity allows them to practice and improve this essential social-emotional skill.

What's Needed

  • Plastic Bowl
  • Scissors
  • Piece of Paper
  • Pen
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    Meet The Expert

    Shenley Seabrook

    Shenley Seabrook is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works primarily with children and adolescents in a private practice setting. She is also a foster parent and lives with her husband and daughter in Indiana. Shenley recently wrote her first children’s book, We Have the Same Heart, which celebrates diversity, inclusion, and community service.