Personalized Calming Activities Worksheet

Children experience many different emotions and are learning how to cope with feelings of frustration, stress, and anxiety. Use the Personalized Calming Activities worksheets to help your child learn about coping mechanisms that work best for them.

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Just like adults, children experience many different emotions, however, they are only learning how to cope with and regulate their emotions. Calming skills are extremely beneficial for children to help manage their emotions, calm themselves down, or cheer themselves up. You and the children in your care may already practice calming techniques, but this printable worksheet provides you with the tools to help your children prioritize and identify which calming techniques work best for them. Then, children can quickly pick out their favorite activities to calm themselves when they’re feeling stressed, frustrated, or anxious.

Who It's For

Parents working with or caring for young children ages 3 and older

Why It Empowers

This activity empowers parents and caregivers looking to support their children's social-emotional development and self-regulation skills. Parents can feel confident that their children can turn to their favorite go-to coping activities when they feel stressed or anxious. All the while, young children will be building skills they can use across settings—in the home, in child care programs, and in school—and skills that will last a lifetime!

What's Needed

  • Printable "My Favorite Coping Activities" worksheet
  • Pen, pencil, or marker
  • Stickers (optional)
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    Meet The Expert

    Shenley Seabrook

    Shenley Seabrook is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works primarily with children and adolescents in a private practice setting. She is also a foster parent and lives with her husband and daughter in Indiana. Shenley recently wrote her first children’s book, We Have the Same Heart, which celebrates diversity, inclusion, and community service.