Find the Right Nanny for Your Family

Searching for a nanny can be stressful! We’ll break down the most effective routes and the #1 tip to find a great caregiver for your little ones. They deserve the best!

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Who It's For

Parents looking to hire a quality childcare provider to come into their home.

Why It Empowers

A good childcare provider helps you build a solid foundation for your child.

What's Needed

  • Time: give yourself 4-8 weeks to search and interview
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    Meet The Expert

    Emily Louange

    Emily has held positions as a care provider for over two decades. She’s managed care as a nanny, home health aide, and as a RN after earning her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. When she became a working mother, she was astonished by the insufficient systems in place to support and guide families. She strongly believes that our children and those who care for them deserve better support and solutions. Called to do something to help; she founded a childcare networking platform, Via The Village, served on the Board of Directors for the US Nanny Association, and helped start CareNectar!