Chores and Children

If you’re looking to get children involved in household tasks, then a chore chart, chore wheel, or chore jar can help! Use one or try all three to see what works best for your family.

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Asking your children to do chores can be a battle at times, especially if their common response is to complain about tasks that need to be done. And while some children want to be helpful, it's not always easy. The CareNectar team has some tools that can make it a bit more fun for you and your family!

When children do chores, they are skill-building, learning time management skills, demonstrating responsibility, and learning the importance of helping out around the house. They see every day how much you do around the house, and now they can pitch in! With the Chore Chart, the Chore Wheel, or the Chore Jar, children of all ages—including teens—can find take on age-appropriate tasks and learn skills that will last a lifetime.

Who It's For

Parents and caregivers looking to instill care and responsibility in their children.

Why It Empowers

This activity empowers children by allowing them to take part in daily household activities while also helping out their parents and siblings. And parents get to feel confident that their children are learning new skills.

What's Needed

  • Computer and printer for the Chore Chart and the Chore Jar templates
  • A cardboard game spinner for the Chore Wheel (use the link below)
  • Fun stickers (optional)
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    Meet The Expert

    Emily Louange

    Emily has held positions as a care provider for over two decades. She’s managed care as a nanny, home health aide, and as a RN after earning her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. When she became a working mother, she was astonished by the insufficient systems in place to support and guide families. She strongly believes that our children and those who care for them deserve better support and solutions. Called to do something to help; she founded a childcare networking platform, Via The Village, served on the Board of Directors for the US Nanny Association, and helped start CareNectar!