Children’ Family Tree Activity

Help your child explore their roots by creating a fun and exciting family tree. Draw your own or print the CareNectar Family Tree template. Learn more here.

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Most children are curious about their family members and how everyone connects. And as parents, you might be excited to share your stories. The CareNectar Family Tree Activity will help start the conversation about your family history and provide you an opportunity to teach your children about your individual family members—whether your family is small or large. By learning about their family members, your children will develop a great sense of self as well, which can lead to improved confidence and self-esteem. Children will also gain a stronger sense of stability by learning about those they are connected to in the world—whether they know them or not. And importantly, they can be proud of the accomplishments of different members of their family.

Learn more here, and download and print the CareNectar Family Tree template.

Who It's For

Children of all ages—and parents too.

Why It Empowers

This activity empowers children by giving them a sense of their history and how their family members fit together. It also empowers you as parents by giving you time and space to share the qualities of your family members with your children—and an opportunity to share great memories as well.

What's Needed

  • 30 minutes of time
  • Paper and markers or crayons
  • Printable CareNectar template (optional)
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    Meet The Expert

    Shenley Seabrook

    Shenley Seabrook is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works primarily with children and adolescents in a private practice setting. She is also a foster parent and lives with her husband and daughter in Indiana. Shenley recently wrote her first children’s book, We Have the Same Heart, which celebrates diversity, inclusion, and community service.